Abrams & Associates Counseling



   Cancellation Policy: ​A 24 hour notice to cancel a session is required. If a 24 hour notice is not given prior to session than a full fee for the session will be charged. 
​Payment & Insurance:     Glenn L Abrams, MS, LMFT currently accepts MHN/Healthnet insurance, Molina Healthcare, TRICARE non-network insurance provider, TriWest, Holman Group, L.A. Care/Beacon, some Medi-cal plans, worker's comp. insurance, and Victims of Crime program. Amber N Legault, MS, LMFT, accepts MHN/Healthnet insurance, L.A. Care/Beacon insurance, TriWest, Tricare, Victims of Crime program, and cash pay for sessions. Elsa Matsumoto, MSW, LCSW accepts L.A. Care/Beacon insurance, Victims of Crime program, and cash pay for sessions, however she will soon be accepting various other forms of insurance. 

Full payment for sessions, as well as session co-pays, if applicable, can be made with cash, personal check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. All Abrams & Associates therapists also can take payment from clients claiming on their OON (Out of network benefits.)/clients with out of network insurance benefits. At a later date we will begin taking payment from other insurance providers. Please confirm coverage with your insurance prior to beginning services with us.
Fees: Individual, family, and couples session fees for clients with no insurance = $120.00 per session (50 to 60 mins). ​ Reduced fee/sliding scale fee available on a limited basis. Free face to face/in office 30 minute consultations upon request. 

​Professional Services Offered:    Individual counseling for adults, children, adolescents, and young adults (Counseling with children, and adolescents will include family counseling sessions.) Counseling with families and couples.